AMG CHEMICALS S.A. is a company established in 2009. We specialize both in the transport and shipment of fluid chemicals. Our collaborators are chemical industry entities in Poland as well as abroad. International transport is the main objective of our company. We transport the chemicals to all western-European countries and to the east of our border too. In our services portfolio, there are also transport and the domestic shipping.

With the professional team of co-workers, we are able to react swiftly to the dynamic shifts of the needs of the shipping services market. Correspondingly, apart from the road transport, we also provide our services by means of the intermodal transport supplying the goods to faraway destinations by railway as well as overseas.

Additionally we can boast about few years success with trading the chemical products. In our portfolio you can find very wide range of chemical products we deal with especially: solvents, glycerin, same range of seeds oil, biodiesel and any others.

The corporation is in the possession of the licence to provide domestic and international road transport of the goods as well as the shipping services. The board management of the company have the proper, several-year experience in the TSL business line supported by all the necessary documents including the updated certificate of professional competencies (CPC).

AMG CHEMICALS S.A. opts for the highest quality transporting services.

To prove our potential to improvement of the quality services, general regulations as well as specific safety and ADR standards, AMG CHEMICALS has implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 from December, 2014.

ul. Targowa 24
82-200 Malbork